When it comes to undergraduate majors, you can major in any major that interest you, in fact medical schools really like to see applicants with different majors outside of science. Be mindful that if you major in something other than science, you must take the courses that will cover medical school pre-requisites. I was a Biology major in college, so I covered all my pre-requisites because they were already incorporated in my major. But remember that this is not always the case so check, check and check again each medical schools website and see what they require!

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.23.46 AM.png

Most medical schools require the following pre-requisites:
  • One year of Biology with lab.
  • One year of General Chemistry with lab.
  • One year of Organic Chemistry with lab.
  • One semester of Biochemistry.
  • One year of Physics with lab.
  • One year of English.

**Once again please take a look at the website for each medical school you are applying to. Make sure you fulfill all their pre-requisites.

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