Interviewing is a way for potential medical schools to meet you in person after reviewing your application. That is a great sign when you get an interview because that means they were impressed by your application enough to want to bring you in and meet you. Once you have been granted an interview, it is up to you to rock it!

Here are my general interviewing tips:

Pre med interview prep pic1. Do your research!

Once you receive an interview, it’s a great idea to go to the medical schools website and look up as much information as possible! You should know about their curriculum, clinical rotation schedule, class size, any new/recent changes to the medical school, research requirements, etc. You should not ask questions to your interviewer that you can look up on the site.

 2. Dress for success!

It is important to dress the part. I would recommend investing in a suit to use for interview season. I would recommend a black, dark grey or dark blue suit. Ensure you are well groomed and ALWAYS wear a smile!

  1. Practice!

Mock interviews are an excellent way to prepare for the real deal! Check with your respective institution to see if they have upcoming mock interviews. You can also use a family member or friend to help!

  1. Look over your application!

Before interviewing, make sure you look over your application and know your application inside and out. You want to ensure if you are asked a question about something on your application you can answer it thoroughly.

  1. Q & A!

No matter where you interview, you will always be given an opportunity to ask the interviewers questions. Once again, try to stray away from asking questions that you can find the answers to on the website. I would compose 3-5 questions to ask. The number of questions you will get the chance to ask varies depending on how much time you have left in your interview. Ask questions about their research, what they like and dislike about the medical school, fun and exciting things to do outside of medical school, organizations/involvement, etc.

  1. Say Thank You!

It is always nice to say thank you to your interviewers/faculty members you met during your interview day. I am old fashion (lol) so I love hand written thank you cards, they are very meaningful, but If you don’t like to write out cards an email is always appropriate!


Whatever you do please, please, please be yourself! Interviewers have so much experience interviewing students and can see right through an applicant who is not honest and genuine. Just be yourself and your magic will shine through!!!!

Good luck! YOU got this!



**Disclaimer: These are just my general tips, if you would like more you can always google general interview questions and they have excellent sites out there with more tips and tricks for interview day!


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