I am such a foodie or as I like to call it a “food enthusiast.” Every time I travel, I love to try amazing restaurants. I want to share all the amazing food I have indulged in around the US and around the world and I hope if you visit these areas you have a chance to try them!


Bon Appetit!


Hollywood, CA

Blue jam cafe

This restaurant has several locations in California. I was in LA to take Step 2 CS and went to the Hollywood location with some friends. They have so many amazing dishes on the menu, but I decided to order their signature dish, the Crunchy French toast. If you have never tried crunchy french toast this french toast will excite your taste buds. It was flavorful with a nice crunch to it and their vanilla bean sauce is amazing!


Dayton, Ohio


This amazing donut spot has several locations in the US, including the University of Dayton’s Campus. I had the pleasure of trying their donuts for the first time and it did not disappoint! I decided to order two because I couldn’t just have one! I ordered the vanilla icing with apple, streusel and cinnamon sugar donut and the blueberry icing with powered sugar donut. Let me tell you these two donuts were packed with flavor, sweetness and I certainly wanted to go back for more! Check them out if you have a chance.


Vallejo, CA


I have had my share of chicken and waffles, but I have never had my waffles in the form of a cupcake! I was at a local festival in Oakland, CA this past summer and I walked passed a booth where I saw fried chicken stacked on a cupcake and I knew I had to try it! I ordered the maple cream cupcake with the maple drizzle and it was so good! I wish I could have split it with someone because it was so much food! The restaurant is actually located in Vallejo, CA. If you are in the area, you should deff check it out!


Compass Rose

Washington D.C.


I just became really hungry writing about this amazing restaurant! lol I can’t rave enough about it! It’s located in D.C. and has a real intimate and cool vibe to it. It was my first time visiting DC and I went with a group friends who spoke so highly of it and let me tell you, my expectations were certainly met! I recommend going with a group of friends and ordering several dishes to share, it makes the experience that much more awesome and also because there are so many amazing dishes you can’t just order 1! I highly recommend ordering the chicken skewers, street potatoes and Khachapuri. I promise they won’t disappoint!

Mangos Caribbean Restaurant

Atlanta, GA


If you are like me and love caribbean food, this meal will bless your soul…especially at 2am! lol This awesome restaurant is located in the downtown area and did I mention conveniently located after a night out on the town because it is near several bars.  The restaurant gives you a mom and pop feel with great hospitality. I think just about anything on the menu is delicious, but if you are a mac and cheese lover you cant leave without trying their amazing mac and cheese. Of course I ate it all before realizing I didn’t snap a picture. If you are in the area, definitely stop by.


BakeSale Betty

Oakland, CA


Every and I mean every time I am in Oakland, I make it my duty to go to BakeSale Betty and grab their famous Buttermilk fried chicken and coleslaw sandwich. It is one of the best fried chicken sandwiches I have had. The fried chicken has the perfect crunch and the coleslaw is full of so much flavor that blends together perfectly with every bite. Its amazing with hot sauce as well, so if you want an extra kick, ask for packets of  hot sauce! They are open starting at 11am and close when they run out so get there EARLY! Also you have to try their banana bread and strawberry shortcake (not pictured lol), it’s so delicious!!!

I will add more amazing recommendations every week! Stay tuned! 

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